How Will This Impact You?

After reading the facts about the current stadium deal, the financial burden placed on the county, and the bleak future that lays before us if we do nothing, the question remains - how will this impact you personally? Imagine a future where hundreds of millions of dollars are freed up to tackle our community's biggest challenges...

Property Tax Rollback...what is that?

Most people don't know this - the County owes each property owners $500, but they have refused to pay up. Yes, you read that right. Part of the original stadium deal included a provision that provided a property tax rollback for Hamilton County property owners. However, the County has refused to act on this commitment. Because the deal was so bad and their cost so astronomical, they couldn't afford to fulfill their promise. You deserve that money. 

Balance the Budget

As sales tax revenues have been crippled due to COVID-19, and have been much lower than expected overtime due to stagnant population growth and inflation, our county faces a dire financial future. The only way to right the ship is to throw off the albatross of Paul Brown Stadium. 

Additional Funds for Infrastructure, Public Safety, Fighting Poverty, and More

For years, politicians have talked about how they want to repair or replace the Western Hills Viaduct. How they want to fill potholes, fight poverty, battle the opioid epidemic, and provide higher quality services to the most vulnerable among us. Whether they care to admit it or not, the County owning Paul Brown Stadium is what has been holding us back. All of these dreams can be pursued if we shake ourselves free of this enormous financial burden.

At the Concert
Bigger, Better Events for Cincinnati...and more revenue 

As has been stated before, Paul Brown Stadium currently only holds events at most about 30 days out of the year. If the stadium is instead owned by private investors who are looking to turn a profit, there would be a multitude of events taking place in that stadium more days than not.