Did you know that the Hamilton County Commissioners owe every single homeowner $500 but haven't paid up?

Did you know that Paul Brown Stadium has cost taxpayers nearly $1 billion?

Did you know that while we have spent $1 billion to fund the stadium, we have only generated $37 million in revenue?

These are just a few of the reasons why we need to seriously look at selling Paul Brown Stadium before it sinks Hamilton County totally. Hamilton County finds itself in a dire financial predicament. Between the impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the years of irresponsible budgeting, the future of our great community stands on the precipice.


The albatross around our neck is Paul Brown Stadium. Government should not be in the stadium business, plain and simple. To date nearly $1 billion in taxpayer dollars, that's your money, has been spent on propping up Paul Brown Stadium. This is inexcusable, and we need leadership that will find a solution.


All options need to be on the table. We need to look to unburden taxpayers of PBS - we need to look at selling the stadium.

We've done our homework on this. I've seen how dire our situation is. I've seen how unfairly taxpayers have been treated. And I know what we need to do about it. 

Andy Black

Candidate for Hamilton County Commissioner in 2020

Whoever is elected Commissioner in 2020 will be integral in the negotiations with the Bengals concerning the future of Paul Brown Stadium. Andy Black the ONLY candidate with a comprehensive plan to save Hamilton County from letting us sign onto the worst stadium deal in history...again.